Carrara Mountains
drying grapes
Copyright diner ?
We are staying put for at least 3 days on this fab aire in Marina Di Carrara. Run by an absolutely lovely Italian couple Angelo and Federica. We pulled up yesterday and no one was here. We rang the number and they came down. Nothing was a problem, they are so chilled. Its cheap here in off-season €14 for the first night this includes €4 for Jas and I membership. €10 every night there after. Hot, no limit showers and all facilities. 600 metres to the beach, what more could you want. Angelo speaks no english, Federica does, but she’s trying to teach me Italian, so we are getting there slowly. There is a fab little bakery down the road. The girl there speaks a little english and also is teaching me words. Today I asked for bread (pane) and indicated soft. I then asked her to tell me the word for soft (morbido). This fab aire is not far from Carrara. Where the famous marble used by Michelangelo to create David is from. The mountains sit behind us, they are huge and you can see the quarries and the carving out in the mountainside. We are thinking that we will go for a tour on monday. Yesterday we arrived after two days in La Spezia. Staying at an aire, that is a bit of a motor home storage place , not much around. We only were staying as a base to get to this end of the Cinque Terre. We were told we need to catch a 20 minute bus to the central train station and then the train from there. Jas wanted to rest and to save trying to get the dogs on the bus and the train, he stayed behind. First stop buy a bus ticket. Sold at tobacconist shops, the guy told me he was out and had a delivery coming the next day. I asked where else i could buy one as there was no other shops. On the bus, they are double the price and my only option. On the bus you must validate you ticket or risk a fine. Arriving at La Spezia and unsure where to get off. We drove around the streets, traffic everywhere. It’s a bit like organised chaos. Everyone gets going one way or another. Past a beautiful park full of sculptures, we arrived at what looked like the walls of the underground. Deciding to get off i managed to find the train station and purchased three tickets for €4 each (one for each stop of the Cinque Terre, i planned to visit). The plan to go to Manarola first, then Riomaggiore on the way back. So many people had said they loved these two villages the most. Manarola was ok, but I was a bit gutted to have the sun come up and over the coloured houses at the marina, when i wanted to take a photo. It wasnt what i expected there, maybe walking from Monterossa to Vernazza made it that more worth while. Catching my next train to Riomaggiore, this one is the one i think people photograph the most. It is stunning and i climbed up high above the village to the vineyards. The grapes drying out on tables in the shade. I walked up to the courtyard and beautiful church up on the hill. I wandered along and down the narrow paths among the houses, arriving out on a rocky outcrop. Taking a few pictures. I decided to head back, the heat of the day picking up. The bus back was interesting. I knew i had to catch bus S or L but was unsure where they went. Spotting a Penny supermarket im just glad i noticed it on the way out. Getting off i headed back to Jas and the dogs. On the way to the beach today, we past this diner, which we are sure has copyright breaches written all over it. Check out the picture! At the beach with the dogs soaking wet, George decided to roll in the sand. Covered in sand and these vicious spiky prickles. It was off to the outdoor showers when we got back. The beach here goes for 40km and Pisa is not far. Carrara mountains on monday and then heading towards Pisa on Tuesday.