IMG_8204[1]IMG_8211[1]IMG_8209[1]IMG_8212[1]IMG_8205[1]This morning we were up early in preparation to go up to the marble mountains above Carrara. First stop I went and got breakfast, croissant naturale. A croissant with a sugary syrup on top. Next was money, into the dodgy bancomat machine. They love to spit out €50 notes here, but no one batters an eyelid at them when handed over. Then GPL, we had seen a GPL/ LPG stop on the main road and pulled in to see if they would fill us up. The guy was great waving us in and topping us back up to full. Not badly priced at 69c a litre. We had heard it was hard to come by up north, but so far so good. Off we headed up through the crazy town of Carrara and up the narrow road to the quarry. Several parts we were unsure, if we were going the right way. A tour up to the top, really reasonable at €12 each. Armed with our day glow vests and hard hats we ascended the rugged and steep terrain by off-road 4 wheel vehicle. I was chatting to a couple of americans so i couldn’t see the huge drop of the side. As we reached the top, the day absolutely stunning. We could see all the way out to the coast. The huge trucks carrying marble slabs, and rocks. The guide was fab explaining all about the marble, how its cut and transported. The mountains cut so the top always remains. Apparently they have to keep the shape of the mountain, so it’s stepped out. Carrara famous for having the most quarries. The marble used for everything from toothpaste, tiles and kitchen benches. The mountains behind, now a UNESCO heritage site, this quarry runs all year round with a staff of 150-180. The cutting witnessed as we left the car park, some sculpture being made by machine. Descending down we drove through Massa and are now sat at the beach for the night not far from Pisa. Its been said the wild boar feed here in the night, and you can see them, right where we are parked. Off to Pisa tomorrow, the weather a nice 24 degrees still. The backdrop of the mountains in the distances till stunning. The beach here just as beautiful as anywhere in the med…..