IMG_8366[1]IMG_8378[1]IMG_8395[1]IMG_8376[1]From the teatro of silenzo we drove to Pomerance. A fab little sosta on the hill below the town. Showers and toilets included, we were there by ourselves. We only planned to stop to do laundry and charge up everything before we headed to Volterra. A quaint little town with church bells that rang on the hour. Oh how we have not missed the church bells. The next day we weaved our way up to Volterra. The last time I had done this was on a bike and we came in a slightly different way. Jas has had a bad back and groin since we left Cuneo, and he wanted to go to the doctors to get checked out. We had searched and found that a hospital (ospedale) was not far from the camperstop. Parked up, we headed up the 200+ steps through the Fonti di Docciola gate. Up in the Piazza S. Michele. We headed in the direction of the Teatro Romano (roman theatre). The gorgeous view out over it and surrounding Tuscan hillsides. Volterra was stunning, the town walled and with many stunning gateways in and out. The filming of Medici being shot in the town. The shops full of local produce, Chianti, porcetta and cheeses. Alabaster workshops dotted with beautiful sculptured artwork. We headed off to the hospital, armed with google translate, and found what we thought was reception. Jas went in, but was soon out asking for me to help, as I speak more italian. After a pigeon attempt at saying we didn’t have an appointment, the lady highlighted four doctors names on a piece of paper and pointed upstairs. She had said just go and wait. Jas went upstairs, texting me he said he didnt know how the system worked, so I said ask someone via google. So this is how the system works Italian style. You go and sit in the waiting area, no tickets, no registration, no chairs marked with doctors names. No everyone knows what order they go in. After asking the guy next to him. The guy said ” you are after me” and the lady “before me”. Apparently seeing doctor Implantini and he was third in line. Who knows how they all knew who was where. In he went and google translated to the doctor. She told him to go for a scan and book in at radiology. Downstairs he went and after about 3/4 of an hour he managed to book in Pontedera an hour back north for monday afternoon. The only other alternative was in two weeks back in Volterra. The weather is supposed to be thunderstorms and severe rain north but we have no choice, so here we are in Vicopisano, not far from Pontedera. You can tell its a saturday the cyclists out on mass. a walk to the local shops for milk and bread. In the supermarket 30 women queue with their products, one sole checkout. everyone waiting their turn. In the bakery/ butchery. The guy giving wine tasting to one gentleman and cutting up some pancetta. I ordered my soft bread, in Italian ( Vorrei morbido pane per favore) Everyone enjoying the banter in the store. We are parked up at a free park, to hopefully see out the bad weather, then Siena. The weather is supposed to thunderstorm till Tuesday and then showers, So we need to head south. At least we can know say we know how to get around a hospital in Italy.