teatro del silenzio
360 degree panoramic views out over the Tuscan hills. We are sat above the Teatro del Silence (the theatre of silence). True to its name you can hear nothing around. The view rolling hills and typical Tuscan landscape. The odd town in the distance, of course on top of a mountain or two. The sun hazy and warm. The teatro del silenzio, an open air amphitheatre is located in  Lajatico in Tuscany the home town of Andrea Bocelli. We had just stopped a bought some of his family’s olive oil. A real treat for me as I love his music. Today is a stunning day just to soak in the tuscan atmosphere. Not far from Volterra, I am sure its the town we can see in the distance. This morning we travelled from Pisa after spending the night 2km on the edge of town. The car park/ sosta run by a group of elderly gentlemen. They sent out the one guy who didn’t speak english. After trying to say I want to stay the night, the second guy came out. Slapping the first guy on the shoulder he said “24 hours ok” and joked with the first guy. Parked up i asked for directions to the lidl, again the first guy full on in italian, then another guy came out and gave me directions. All of them laughing at the first guy. It’s obviously a bit a joke, with his english or lack off. Arriving at the lidl, i stocked up for the week and ended up at the checkout with a guy who was, going off about the 2 dogs dressed in bambino (child) clothing in the trolley in front of him. Joking with the girl behind me I said “he’s talking about the dogs, right”. He smiled and she said yeah. Arriving back at the van, we headed off to Pisa. I had joked to Jas that he would have to get his tourist photo holding up the leaning tower. He didn’t believe me that people do that, until we turned up with 1000’s of people doing the holding up pose. The tower is impressive and the cathedral with its separate baptistery all on the same grounds. The  historic town walled and with a series of archways on the outskirts that varied in heights. The city a series of roundabouts and one way streets. It’s a hectic place, but for once the italians let you into traffic a bit more. Monday night was spent in a carpark by the beach of Torre del Lago. We had heard that the wild tuscan boar came out at night to feed. As the sun came down, with an amazing sunset over the beach. Three foxes came out and wandered the carpark. All of a sudden six boar piglet and a female came out, shortly joined by another female. Running around, bucking each other, some scavenged for food. After about an hour they all disappeared and we thought that was it. Eight thirty and an elderly couple turn up with buckets of scraps, next thing the boar are back and the huge male appears. Skittish and in the distance he watched on warily. People turned up and took photos, the lady saying to me “beast” about the boar. The couple must feed them every night, the young feeding from her hands. Next thing they are on the roundabout, people chasing them back. Then about an hour later more people turn up, with bread and food scraps. The old guy going back to get more out of his boot. Bang he bashes his head on the roof and his holding tissue on it to stop the bleeding. Then he jokes that his wife tried to knock him off to his friends. As they pile the food out two big male boars come out. Clearly worried about the human contact, they are jumpy and wary. What a cool thing to witness, the caring of these beautiful wild animals, that may otherwise be hunted. The young clearly playful and a little more trusting of this couple who feed them every night. There were three vans there that night but i think we had the most interaction, taking photos of them literally at our feet. It seems fitting to sit here and listen to some Andrea Bocelli, watching the scenery in front of us……….