IMG_9123[1]IMG_9109[1]IMG_9145[1]IMG_9121[1]Mount Etna is smoking in the background of our sosta. The snow-capped peaks, with what I first thought was cloud, trailing away from it. Its stunning and adds to the beauty of this Italian island. The beaches here a mix of fine shingle and pebbles. The water clear with a strong tidal pull. We have been down to the beach every day with the dogs. Swimming in and out of the waves for sticks, its definitely the highlight of their day. As with most beaches, the plastic washes up on the shores. Today I collected a bag full, filling it within a minute. Next time I am at the beach, I will do the same as long as we are here. Feeling like a small effort will overall, feel rewarding in the end. The sosta we are at is great and run by Paolo, he’s here pretty much 24/7 his wife coming every couple of days. The first day here we noticed our air suspension had gone down. Concluding that we think its our one way non return valve. We asked Paolo via google where we can get a part. All in Italian he gave directions up the national highway, and past the supermarket on the right, before the Esso fuel station. Jas set off on his bike only to end up in another town. No part later, Paolo said he would look online. The next day his wife set off with a picture, description and part size. She will return tomorrow hopefully with a part. If not its eBay UK and sitting still till it arrives here. That is no issue for me. Beach each day, supermarket down the road and the bread delivery guy here at 9am every morning. True to Italian vehicles, his van has more than its fair share of dings and scraps. Knowing my order off by heart, im proud to say I can order all of it in Italian. The local supermarket full of delicious Sicilian products, we are eating local oranges, olives, tomatoes, and im drinking their Merlot. All of which are delicious and so fresh. Tomorrow is our dedicated vegetarian day, soup with all the local veges. Yesterday we walked down to the port and along the shoreline. The opposing towns high up on the hills as well as along the bay here. Seafood restaurants all around we cant wait to try some calamari or swordfish. We are hoping to stay here till next sunday, aiming to save some money next week after a few expensive weeks. So far though I love it here. The people are lovely, the weather warm, 21 degrees during the day. The water warm enough to swim in and the beaches just about deserted………IMG_9138[1]