Lago Sirino
Morano Calabro
Morano calabro
We made it to Sicily after a few eventful days. We left the beautiful surrounds of Lago Sirino, high in the mountains. We decided to try a free spot for the night at Morano Calabro, a hilltop town. You drive about 5km down off the free autostrada and climb slowly up into the town. The whole town balancing on a cliff. Parked up at a free car park, we had a quick look around. Only relying on solar for the day. It was overcast and we headed on. Next stop was at Falerna Marina. Parked up right on the beach, we found out it was free to park at this time of year. Jas took the dogs out and I was opening up all the windows when, I get a Buongiorno. Followed by a guy holding a cup up and a whole lot of Italiano. I told him I didn’t speak Italian and I didnt understand. “sabuto, sabuto” he’s saying. I’m like “aqua” and hes like no and goes to the camper further down and comes back “dish soap”…….. Oh ok “si” i say and he smiles filling up his cup. Jas gets back and then goes to ask him about staying here. Google translate in full swing. I can pick up a few words and he asks about our camper, hes just picked up his from Milan. We find out he has 7 people in there and he is heading home to near Tropea. We tell them we have been travelling for a year, and he asks about Italy. Saying we are heading down slowly, he says.. “ah piano piano”…. translation “slowly slowly”. This is Jas’s favourite Italian word learned off Gordon, Gino and Fred. A great tv show  if you havent seen it with Gordon Ramsey, Gino D’Campo & Fred, travelling Italy, France and Scotland in a motor home. We though that Gino made this word up, but it had us in hysterics with this Italian couple. We all laughed when he said it. Next thing they make us coffee (espresso style). Jas finally succumbing to the way coffee is drunk here. After thanking them for the coffee, we settled for the night deciding to go visit Tropea in the morning. The sunset last night was incredible, the sky baby pink and then a deep rose pink colour. People pulling up and taking pictures for hours. Today has been an eventful day. Tropea high on the list we decided to go to a free spot listed in park4night. Off the free autostrada we descended down 40 mins to the coast. The sat nav had more than one moment and all of a sudden we hit a walled, one lane road with no camper van signs. This was never going to be good but now committed we had to reverse twice around the hairpin bends to get us down. Once at the bottom we passed the amazing rock with the castle like building. The water OMG emerald-green and clear. People google Tropea now. Still not at the free park we headed along the one way street out and up to the town. We had missed the turn off to the free stop and needed to head back. Vertical and in first gear is the only way to describe the road. Then the sat nav had the biggest meltdown of all. Taking us down to a bridge 1.40m wide and high. Definitely not going that way we had to go through town and down to the free stop. Which isn’t free, and is now €1.50 an hour. Stressed to the max at this point we decided to head to Sicily for some R & R. Arriving an hour later at the Bluferries terminal. One way for us €46, just rock up and on the next hour the ferry goes. First on we had some dodgy parking and splashes from the dipping of the ferry. Getting off, the guys didnt move something off the floor, so a huge bang and crash of our wheels as they told us to drive off. Cant find anything hanging off, so hopefully nothing bad has happened. So far Sicily is beautiful, overcast but we are parked up exhausted from todays dramas. The guy here at the sosta, only speaking in Italian to me , so great for my Italiano. Tomorrow we are off to explore the area….. it does look good. Jas has gone in search of pizza, we are both to tired to cook.