IMG_9736[1]Christmas eve started with a lovely day. Our neighbour Angela came over to say have a look at the dark clouds coming out of Mt Etna. Within an hour she was erupting. The ash clouds puffing up in the air. Following the previous explosion to make long clouds. The bangs like big fireworks going off. I was saying she’s rumbling, Jason said its the train. To which I laughed as she then rumbled every couple of seconds for the next couple of hours. Now its a joke every time she rumbles. Animals are so instinctive, and Zoey is super sensitive. She was restless all day. Everyone around stopping to take photos, people out on their balconies. The airport was temporarily closed as the ash cloud passed over. We are 26km away from Etna and about 40km from Catania.We later heard that over 130 earthquakes had struck around Etna that day. Etna is unsettled and its the first time in a decade she has had a flank explosion. Instead of lava flowing from the crater, it’s coming out of the side and running down. At night it is more clear. The locals here aren’t too worried, as we are far enough away at the moment. We do want to head south in the New Year, so we will need to keep a close eye on whats happening. Christmas day was quiet, Etna having a nap. Today we awoke to hear that near Catania suffered a significant earthquake, causing damage to many buildings and sending people out into the street. Part of the main autostrada is closed, and has now suffered a landslide. I asked Paolo if his familia are ok, as he is from Catania. He said yes and even though he said he isn’t worried. I think everyone’s a little worried. To be honest if she shock where we are, our camper rolls side to side when you walk in it, so I don’t know if we would have thought it was shaking from an earthquake. Now with over 300 quakes and Etna is still booming. Sicily having an early New Years party, thanks to Mt Etna.