IMG_9680[1]IMG_9683[1]IMG_9690[1]The last day of our car hire and we decided to go up the road to Castelmola. It’s a further 2km north of Taormina. The drive up took us down through Giardini Naxos along the sea front and up towards the Isola Bella. Stopping at a beautiful balcony the view below down onto Isola Bella. The famous beach of the area. We headed up the winding road, through narrow lanes and parked traffic. Arriving at the top, you realise the altitude from the popping of your ears. The view of Etna, she looks like she is floating above the clouds. We walk up to the remains of the castel, through a gorgeous tiled square and up the narrow side streets. Arriving in a small piazza with a chiesa (church). We accidentally stumbled upon the Bar Turrisi. The bar famous for its homage to male anatomy. The bar is filled with penis shaped everything. The door handles, to the mosaic floor and sculptures galore. After taking a few pictures we carried on up to the view-point by at the castel. One of the nicest towns we have visited, the view-point spectacular. Etna is stunning up here. The huge valleys and hilltops surrounding. Then the view out to the sea. On a clear day you can see nearly everywhere here. The drive down we drove through a tunnel and emerged where we first walked up to Taormina. this also would have been the better place to drive up. Oh well we seem to find this all out after the fact. From here we decided a trip to Lidl about 6km away. Whilst we had the car and could visit it. In a motor home its to hard the roads to narrow. Oh how I have missed Lidl, you soon realise how cheap it is. Stocked up on water and a roast chicken ready for Natale (Xmas). The plan now to move on about the first week of January. Heading round the island and moving back to the mainland in February. Xmas season here in full swing. Paolos wife trying to explain to me about an enormous nativity scene  on the 26-27 of december, somewhere nearby. Bless her between us the language lost. Her full on Sicilian and my pigeon Italian. I did understand big party for New Years though. 2019 will be a year of change and hopefully good fortune for everyone. We hope to keep travelling and exploring the world. We are thankful for the experience and for the people you meet. So with christmas so near, we wish everyone a Merry christmas and happy new year. Lots of love from Sarah, Jason, Zoey and George xxxx