ear of Dionysis
Ortygia Island
Teatro grecco
Piazza Duomo
We left Giardini Naxos after nearly 7 weeks parked up. A great place that allowed us to save up and pay a few bills we had come in. Setting off we thought we would top the LPG up, so headed off to our fuel stop around the corner. Pulling up it was closed for the holiday period. The day had started so well. We thought ok we will stop on the motorway and fill up. Turning the corner, we pulled on the road and saw this poor stray dog, super skinny, scavenging in the rubbish. We wanted to stop but there was nowhere to pull over with the camper, tears down my face it broke my heart to see. I know we can’t save every dog but still we would like to think we could help. Carrying on with heavy hearts we got on the motorway. Two more fuel stops and they both wouldn’t fill us with LPG. As soon as they see the camper it’s no, its illegal apparently. Third stop the guy said, no problem so away we went. Pulling up in Syracuse we are parked for free at the marina. The first thing you notice is, how great the roads are. Wide and fairly courteous drivers. We are overlooking the island and there are plenty of campers here. Parked up next to a lovely older italian couple, we get out and exchange hello. Waiting for our fridge to turn onto the gas, something that hasn’t happened for over 6 weeks. Its clicks and then turns its self off. This is not something you want to happen when you wild camp. Googling camping shops we ring Alpha caravans in Syracuse and they tell us to come there at 3.30pm to the workshop. With nothing else to do whilst we wait we decide to walk over to Ortygia Island. Crossing the marina and the bridge, we join the crowd that has gathered to see a fishing boat get towed out by a tow truck. Having been destroyed by fire, there isn’t too much left now. We carry on to the Temple of Apollo ruins at the end of the bridge and along through the town. Passing the cathedral of Syracuse in the Piazza Duomo. Its one of the nicest places we have been in Italy. Past the natural fountain of Arethusa and out to the edge where Castello Maniace stands. A castle on the edge, overlooking the sea. We walked the boulevards around till we returned back to the bridge. At 2.30pm we headed off to Alpha caravans to see if they could fix the fridge. Ivan the tech guy drove our camper down underneath the building, wow is the only way to describe the way he fitted out camper down and around in that space. Two hours later and €148 lighter it now works. Chatting to Ivan and Roberto I asked if we could stay outside for the night and use their electric as i could see they had electric points you could connect to over the fence. Off to ask Antonio the boss, he said yes and we thanked him. Parked up it wasnt quiet right next to such a main road but it was free and the security guard even asked if we wanted to park inside. We said we were ok and waved him off this morning heading back to the marina in Syracuse. Parked up again next to the lovely older couple. Today we headed in to find the dump spot just up the road and the ancient greek and roman ruins. First we past the Catacombs of St Giovanni and then paid the €10 each entry into the Archeological Park Necropolis. This was so worth the money. I really wanted to see the Ear of Dionysis, an ear shaped cave that as we approached people were singing in. The acoustics are awesome. the next stop was the teatro greco, the greek theatre. So well-preserved. Tomb like structures at the top and one with a supply of water into a pool. On the other side of the park is the roman theatre. Good but not the best roman one we have seen. Heading back we are now chilling after such a good walk around today. Tomorrow back to the island again to take in all the bits we missed yesterday. Syracuse is definitely one of our favourite places so far