img_9816[1]We are still in Syracuse, the setting like in a movie. The gorgeous harbour in front of us. Many motorhomes here, averaging about 20 a night its a perfect stop. Syracuse is somewhere we could live. We are parked between two Italian vans. The lovely older couple still next to us till tomorrow. Our new neighbours another retired couple. He is ex police from Roma, and he has that stern look about him, like he would be a tough Italian cop. They are lovely and have chatted to us everyday. Improving my Italian quite a bit. They are staying on the marina for a month, have solar and a generator. The generator at first we thought ,oh no but now its like it’s not too bad. They are saying it is so cold here, so they will stay south. The cold weather unheard of here in Sicily, it was snowing on the beaches in the north, the coldest winter in 120 years. As well as the east coast beaches on the mainland. Even when it’s about 15 degrees, everyone is dressed like we are in a russian winter.  It’s so busy here, we have decided to stay till thursday, weather dependant. Its free with water and there is a dump spot a 16 minute walk up the road. Poor Jas had that task of carrying the toilet up there this morning, so we wouldn’t lose our spot. If you are self-sufficient its great. I’m currently at the McDonald’s 2km down the road charging the laptop, drinking Americanos. The lidl about 500 metres from here and a laundry just down the road to the marina we are sorted for a couple of days. We walked up into Syracuse the other day and past our now daily bread shop. Fantastic soft but crunchy bread buns everyday and not bad chocolate crossiants. Yesterday was sunday and I went in search of broccoli and stumbled upon the dominica mercado (sunday market). A flea market, lined with fruit and veg stalls on the outside. All really cheap, you can see why the locals shop here. artichokes stacked so high, oranges by the truck load, literally. Spice stalls and sun-dried tomatoes, olives and fresh roasted peppers. As I walked back I past two older men. Dark sunglasses on. One in a deep Marlon Brando Godfather voice chatting away to his friend. I smile at the fact, oh yeah we are in mafiosa country. Nearly everyone smoking and always on their phones, this includes driving. The buildings here in Syracuse and Ortygia Island romantic and classic, the harbour with its cute painted fishing boats.The water clear and blue/ green. Ancient ruins nestled between apartment buildings and piazzas. The cafes and people lining the streets drinking cafe (coffee). The only downfall is the lack of footpaths, the walk here to the McDonald’s is on the road and its a busy road. But they drive around you like you are a bicycle, giving a fairly good berth. With dogs it’s not so good, a little scary for them. Italians love their little dogs, they are everywhere and they are even allowed in McDonalds. Well small ones are. Some dressed in thick winter coats like their owners. We havent seen another english motorhomes in such a long time. It’s weird you would think some would be here in Sicily. But I guess a lot of people head to Spain and Portugal for the sun. Its colder in Sicily and I know the driving and roads here drive Jas crazy. But I am so glad we came here, no better way to learn a way of life than to immerse yourself fully. No english spoken here. Jas does well communicating as he doesn’t speak Italian, but is learning words and will tell you its stupid that hot (caldo) sounds like its cold (freddo). Sometimes he picks up words in conversations that I don’t understand, maybe I am listening for the Italian and he picks up the near english word. A great way to communicate is hand signals and we look very Italian doing this….. Fitting in as locals already. Except Jason stands out with his shorts and jandels.