img_9879[1]img_9872[1]img_9874[1]img_9865[1]We are still in Avola after 5 days. The weather has been a mixture of high winds, showers and cloudy days. Today is the first warm day in a long time and im finally just in a t-shirt with no sweatshirt. The free sosta here is great, close to everything. This morning we drove down to the water stop, a tap outside the local Pescaras ( fish mongers). The locals all coming out to see, it mustn’t be a common site people filling up their camper and bottles. As they all smiled and said buongiorno we decided to go and see what they had. All locally caught, swordfish, prawns, sardines, mussels, and other varieties of fresh fish. Tonight we are having swordfish with our Sicilian lemons. Tomorrow a seafood risotto. I said to Jas I could definitely live in Sicily. The beach today busy with everyone out enjoying the first nice day in a while. We are going” piano piano” around Sicily barely moving as we soak in the atmosphere and coastline. As Austria and the alps is burdened with heavy snow we are in no hurry to get up north. So it may be a month before we leave here. On friday we headed the opposite way to town to the Dolmen, a megalithic site. There isn’t much there but ancient slabs of stone. But it is historically significant due to its age. The coastline here is stunning and everything you imagine the water to be it is. Fresh fish not far off shore as you see the flocks of seabirds feasting. Tomorrow we may head back into town as it is one of the most confusing places to orientate your way around. Based in a hexagon shape the streets fan out from there and you sort of get lost in the side streets. The roads here like Syracuse wide and easy to manoeuvre and there are many footpaths. The dogs at the end of the sosta, come out to bark/greet you as you pass. Jas said one is blind with no eyes at all, it is led by the other dogs, who look after it. Stray dogs here are common and we saw a pack of young playing up by the lidl.  Jason stopping in the lidl to buy me a 1.5 litre bottle of Nero D’ Avola wine yesterday. It’s so big I can’t fit it in the fridge. The houses in Avola can be quite nice, a lot with big houses and big sections. A change from the apartment blocks that seem to be everywhere else. All this lay about time leaves me time to read a lot, and for the first time in a long time I have three books on the go…..Noto we hope to visit on Wednesday or thursday and then down to Marina di Ragusa finally hitting the southern coasts.