Tunna factory ruins
Traditional sicilian sandwich
clear waters of the med
We have moved onto Avola, famous for its wine Nero D’Avola. We are at a free sosta just back from the beautiful clear oceans. We had been on the marina at Syracuse for 5 days for free. So we are taking advantage of the sunshine and free stops. Syracuse is a fab place and also allowed us to do washing. The guy in the laundromat had a well run system, he loaded everything and unloaded everything for everyone. All his machines named, B Wayne, P Parker, C Kent. I was laughing at the names. The local supermarket Conad up the road had everything including Jas’s new favourite thing porcini risotto. We now have 8 packs in the cupboard. Whilst i was waiting for Conad to open after the siesta 1.30-3.30pm every day. A lady was stuck in traffic, her engine stalled. Next thing her friend gets out, dressed to the nines in high stilettos, fur coat and leopard print. She starts pushing the car. I also go to help. People just watching in the street. The guy from the supermarket finally comes to help and we have her safely pushed over to the side of the road. After many thank you senoras, im on my way. Whilst in Syracuse we walked the coastline up to the african memorial and the panoramic view-point. As its written in Italian we aren’t to sure what it is about, but it had names from the 1930s listed. Just as I had written that i hadn’t seen another english van, we met Billy and Dot. Parked up at the marina, we got chatting and Billy even helped us with our fridge which decided to have another moment. Waving them goodbye we headed up the road to dump and use electric for a couple of hours as it was raining a little. I asked the guy in Italian if we could dump and how much for electric an hour. He said €1 hr for electric and pay as we leave. Couple of hours later fully charged and ready to hit the wild camping again. I went to pay. Ciao Ciao he says and waves me off. Indicating don’t worry about it. Bonus free dumping and free electric for two hours. Now we are in Avola, last night the wind was incredible, we had heard that Sicily was due to be hit with large waves and mistral winds from France. Last night was a restless sleep as the winds battered the camper. Today we headed into Avola finding the main square we stopped for lunch. Jas went and got us traditional Sicilian sandwiches. Not sure if he would like it he came out with warm toasted ciabatta with fresh tuna, soaked in olive oil, with carrot and spinach finally grated. And to top it off it had sicilian oranges in it with the juice and more olive oil. It was delicious and tomorrow we are going in for another one. Walking back down to the beach we headed to the ruins of an old tuna factory, overlooking the clear waters of the med. Tomoorow we head in search of some ancient ruins as the weather has finally started to look up. The beach looks amazing and you can see the birds on mass feeding on the fresh fish. the dogs will definately want a swim tomorrow.