Trapani harbour
beautiful church gates

old town
candied fruits
Arriving in Trapani on Wednesday we have stayed three days at Saliene parking down by the salt marshes. They offer a free shuttle into the centre or its a 2km walk. For €10 a night with electric its perfect to visit Trapani. We really like Trapani, its beautiful coastline, harbour and historic town. The first day we walked in, after originally parking at the port. It was crazy windy there and lots of signs for no parking. The old town is just in from the port and we wandered the streets taking in the stunning churches and gates. hungry for lunch, you can always tell if a place is good-by where the locals are eating. Standing beside the Porto Ossuna gate. The shop on the corner a buzz of activity. Jas went in and ordered bread rolls and two arancini ( one panchetta and formaggio another ragu) We had arancini in Verona, but they were reheated in a microwave and €3.50 each. Lets just say it put us off trying them again for a while. Well the arancini in Trapani are amazing. Fresh and delicious, at €1.20 each we devoured them in minutes. We have been back twice now and have now bought arancini rice to make some as well. So my kitchen back home will be filled with Italian food and drink. Arancini, biscotti, pasta, pizza and lemoncello. The fish market famous here is on every morning, with the locals all out buying fresh fish off the boats. Yesterday we walked the back streets stumbling across this fabulous display of marzipan fruits in the window. All types of fruit, beautifully coloured like you see on cassata, my favourite Italian dessert. There seems to be a bit of money in Sicily, its nothing to see Porsches and Ferrari’s driving round. everyone’s so well dressed and the only people we really see begging here are the African immigrants. From Trapani, you can see the town of Erice up on the hill, the wind here full on. You can imagine what it would be like up there. Three days here and we are powered up, laundry done and off to Erice for the day. We then are moving to Segesta to see the greek theatre.