north coast Sicily
Temple Doric Segesta
Greek theatre Segesta
Greek theatre Segesta
Its been a crazy few days since we left Trapani on saturday morning. The winds due to pick up to 40km an hour. We travelled the 6km uphill to Erice a beautiful old town with stunning views below. We pulled up to a free park, but no one was around. Jason decided to stay with the motor home, whilst I ran up into the town. Parked by the old spanish quarter, i ran up the cobbled streets and into a piazza. The place was a ghost town, I didn’t see anyone for about ten minutes. Then two english speaking guys asked me if i spoke english and where they could get breakfast. I replied “um not that way nothing is open and you are the first people ive seen in ten minutes”. I carried on my run around the mountain top town. Up and down alleys, it is stunning but also a little eery. I ran down the path i came up back to the motorhome as the winds picked up. Next destination Segesta. Inland we had been told Segesta has one of the finest greek theatres so we were keen to see it. Pulling up at the car park you pay for the bus to the site which is €7, no matter how many people or dogs get on. You just have to show your parking ticket. Or if you don’t visit the archeological site it’s probably free to stay. We were going to go on the sunday but the weather was taking a turn for the worst so we decided to just go on the saturday. €6 each in and we could take the dogs for free. As with any site we were greeted with stray dogs. All so far friendly but our dogs dont take to them coming up to say hello. George just freaks out and barks. A short walk and we were at the huge Tempio Doric. Never one to take the easy route we decided to follow the path on the map to the greek theatre. Narrow gravel paths winding up past various ruins we arrived at the theatre. Stunning in its viewpoint. We were the only ones there. The dogs posing for pictures on the stone seats. To think it once sat 4,000 people. That night we stayed in the carpark, a peaceful night all by ourselves. Sunday we decided to drive to Alcamo marina for a free night by the beach. A nice spot for two nights but the rain and wind that was hammering the north coast was tiring. With no solar we decided on travelling to Trabia and this is when our stress began. Driving to Trabia we stopped for lpg and fuel before driving to a service spot. Needing water we arrived only to find the service spot was on the other side of the motorway and not accessible. Filling water at another service station we travelled on the free autostrada along the coast to Palermo. We had been told by so many people how crazy Palermo was. Well they weren’t wrong. The autostrada goes near the centre. No road markings, is it two or three lanes. We still dont know. So traffic is basically where you fit, you go. Then on the right hand side you have feeder lanes, a whole other road that traffic flows in and out of. Crazy is exactly how it is. Getting out of Palermo we headed to Trabia, a coastal town with narrow streets. We couldn’t find a street we could drive down to the marina, so we carried on. Next stop Cefalù. The weather was supposed to get better. Arriving down at the port. All signs up for no parking in blue lines. I asked the coastguard where we could park. Pointing to a free carpark on the sand. Flooded from the previous storm, he said we could stay for two nights ok. Parked up for the night with two other campers, the sun came out today and we could finally charge the batteries. Deciding to go into Cefalu today, I was waiting for my phone to charge when another coastguard turned up telling us we couldnt stay there. It’s only for cars. So today i literally rushed into Cefalu and took minimal photos due to my phone & ipad going flat. More photos are on instagram if people are interested, as it was hard to post them off the ipad sorry. The north coast we have literally struggled to find somewhere to stay. We are now in a fab campsite in Capo Orlando. Cheap enough we are staying a week. Free showers and big pitches close to the beach, its like luxury. Next thursday we will try to get the ferry back to the mainland. Three months after arriving in Sicily…………