The sun is finally shining in the north of Italy. The days warm enough to walk around in t-shirts and shorts. The beach here empty, with the beautiful pale blue waters. It’s a super pebbly beach. The pebbles ranging from gray, round and flat. To dusty pink and marbled. Various colours mixed in with the grey. Pink, white, maroon and brown. The dogs are loving it being able to swim again. The odd fishing boat passes and on a clear day you can see the Aeolian Islands. Goats and their kids occupy the corner site of the road. About twenty of them, varying ages and colours. The campsite here has a gorgeous collie like Zoey. His name is JoeJoe and the owner found him outside a supermarket a couple of months ago. He’s super placid and wanders round the site. The bread lady arrives every morning with a van full of everything, and I mean everything. Fruit, veg, pretty much the kitchen sink. If you tell her you want something she turns up with it the next day. I bought this gorgeous cookbook from the reception. Full of Sicilian recipes. I tried out my first pasta dish today. Anchovies, garlic and tomato paste. It was delicious and the flavors, so good. On site here they have produce growing. A field of potatoes, apple trees and passionfruit vines. Jas is loving the passionfruit, foraging for the fallen fruit. Pomegranates and olive trees. The owners also bring in oranges and lemons from their trees at home. All this fresh produce leaves me wanting to try new recipes. At the local shop today I bought Pecorino cheese for bruscetta tomorrow. Passing fragrant lemon groves there and back. Brings a smile to my face every time i pass them. Its been such a privilege to experience the food here in Sicily and Italy. Simply recipes that combine fresh ingredients. I’ve already googled if I can get anchovies and italian cheeses back in Wales. Also tuna or tonno as its known here in olive oil rather than water or sunflower oil.  Pizza gets delivered here on site, so next Tuesday we are having pizza night. So cheap at €5 for a normal size and €9 for a large. That for the ones we like. I’m going to miss Italy but soon we will make our way up the mainland towards Austria. Time for a change of culture…….