img_0364img_0379img_0383img_0388img_0370img_0361img_0362After finding out that the toll was only €27 from Termoli to San Marino we decided to do a massive drive to the Republic of San Marino. As it is another country how we could say no. The drive pleasant for an Italian road. We needed services so this also served another purpose other than probably saving another 2-3 hours of driving. After the first two service stops were closed. We were beginning to count our lucky stars we were on the toll for over 300km. If you had got on at one point just wanting to use the services and get off, you would have been gutted. As we approached San Marino we were stopped by a traffic accident. As we came to a stop you suddenly realise that you are at traffic lights. No wonder there was an accident. Under arrows that show turning direction you see small faint traffic lights. Now knowing what to look out for we cautiously made the ascent up to the free parking spot for the night. Spending a quiet night on the side of the San Marino, it was refreshing to wake up to the sound of birds chirping. As we were the only ones left in the car park we decided to drive to the other side and park in another camper parking spot. Paying €5 for two hours it worked out better, as we took the lift up to the historic centre. Arriving in minutes we were able to walk all around the historic centre in less than two hours. What a fantastic place. The smog of the day before had mainly lifted and wow what a view. The historic centre is gorgeous and quiet at this time of year. San Marino is filled with historic buildings like its basilica, its port gate, churches and statues. We walked to the two Torres on the far side. Perched up on the cliff edge, they look like two imposing castles. A walled historic centre it is one of the nicest places we have visited. We stopped for coffee and torte (cake), it’s so cheap here we even filled up on fuel at €1.35l. After paying well above €1.42- €1.69 for 5 months it was like christmas. We did laugh at what was for sale in the shop windows. If it wasnt jewellery or clothing it was guns, crossbows and knives. We past at least five stores selling the latter. As the temperatures were due to plummet tonight to below freezing we decided to drive half an hour to the coast and the city of Rimini. San Marino is gorgeous and even though it’s a small country its worth the visit.