Porto gate Rimini
Roman Bridge Rimini
gorgeous clocks Rimini
Julius Cesar Rimini
Street art Rimini

The coastal towns of Rimini and Ravenna on the way to Venice. Lovely flat drives to both. Cycle paths and walking lanes, are we still in Italy? We have opted for the non toll roads and they have been pretty good. We arrived in Rimini a short drive from San Marino. Parked up at a sosta off the busy via Roma. It’s ideally located to walk into the old town. Its got some cool street art that funks up the scene. As you walk from one side to the other you come to a gorgeous roman bridge and the giant porto gate into the town. It has a feel of a university town, with bicycles whizzing past. A statue of Julius Cesar adorns the Piazza Tre Martiri and overall it’s a nice city to visit. A little different to the ones we have been seeing lately. The next day we woke to the mayhem of traffic for the saturday market, gridlock in every direction. The guy checking the parking tickets, stopping traffic so we could get out on the main road. Saturday we decided to head to Ravenna, not to far up the coast. We arrived at a free car park on the edge of town. Next to a large park, we were parked up with about 6 others. I took the dogs into town for a walk. About 5-6km return. Lots of green spaces here, people out enjoying the park on this glorious day. Past the walled castle, I just followed signs to monuments as i had no map. Passing a church it wasnt till i got to the other side i realised it had the most gorgeous carved gate. An entry way into the town adorned with old mosaics and piazzas that reminded me a lot of eastern europe. I past a crypt and tombs that led into a quiet square. A couple asking to pat the dogs, to which they were rewarded with lots of jumping and licking. The dogs love to say hello, so they loved this. It was a nice walk there and back and again supports walking and cycling with its many cycle paths. The italians all out in force with their weekend camper trips. So many of them take off for the weekend returning home sunday night. The weather is looking up so we are heading to Padua, Trento and then up into Austria next week. The weather due to hit 21 degrees in Trento we are looking forward to the spectacular views in the mountains, and plan on taking the scenic route to Trento……….img_0437

Carved gate Ravenna