Innsbruck centre
park for the night
golden roof

You would not believe the weather in Austria. Snow on the mountains but its warm enough for t-shirts and shorts. We arrived yesterday into Austria. Coming up the Brenner pass. The night before we spent in the valleys of the Dolomites. Absolutely stunning considering we were parked at a free aire at a service station on the toll road, that also included electric. The next morning we drove the remaining hour and a half through the stunning countryside of northern Italy. Stopping off at Bassano del Grappo, to see its famous bridge and the city of Trento. Paying approx €20 all up for the Brenner pass and then €9.20 for the vignette into Austria. The short drive further into Innsbruck. As we drove into the city you see skiers and snowboarders walking down the streets, carrying their gear. I even saw one ski past on one of the slopes as you approach the off ramp. Then the fuel prices OMG €1.21 a litre, super cheap. We found our park for the night in a car park on the edge of town. All the snow shovelled to the sides, it’s a good base for the 2km walk into town. Next you see huge jumbo jets flying next to the huge mountain peaks, and landing at the base of them. Guess that’s where the airport is. Innsbruck, lovely and clean after our near 5 months in Italy. No rubbish, courteous drivers and they stop at zebra crossings every time. Yesterday we walked through the city and later I returned to do washing as we were getting low on clean clothes.  The city has a gorgeous carved gate and has a famous golden roof building. Outside sheepskins are laid over chairs at cafes. Reminding you it should be cold, but really it’s not. Today we drove the short drive to Hall In Tirol. A gorgeous little town at the foot of the snowy peaks. Stopping at the Lidl, ive filled up on schnitzel, coleslaws and sausages. Even buying a bottle of Austrian wine. Hall in Tirol is everything you imagine a small Austrian town to be. Chalet style houses with wooden balconies, decorated windows and doorways. Schnitzel and strudel on the menu of most cafes and restaurants. Churches with narrow pointed roofs and beautifully decorated Rathaus (town hall). Cycle lanes everywhere and cute children walking round in all their ski gear after getting lessons on the slopes. Tomorrow we head to Salzburg and we are hoping for good weather for at least a few days more. So far we love Austria………..

Rathaus Hall in Tirol
Hall In Tirol
Hall In Tirol
Hall In Tirol