img_0458img_0447img_0456img_0455img_0448img_0461Sunday we arrived in Padua. Parked up at a sosta on the edge of the city, it is the last stop on the tram line. We decided to walk into town close to 5km there, 10 km return. Padua is huge and the old town and its monuments very spread out. It has roman ruins and loads of gorgeous carved statues on buildings. A lot of mosaics can still be found on a lot of the buildings. Many piazzas and today celebrations of some sort, streamers lying all around. What looked to be a market building was stunning all its balconies still standing and the mosaics under the roof still visible. We walked as far down as the river and the castello. The waters gorgeous green off the mountains. The duomo and many churches, a lot with green domes matching the river colour. Again more clocks, a lot with astrological themes. Street art again, I am in my element with the cool art work here. Its weird but here the culture is a lot like London. Many sushi and indian restaurants. Very multicultural with a mix of people Italian, African, Indian and many Asians walking the streets. The drive here today was scenic, passing many rivers and salt marshes. Many beaver like rats road kill on the side of the road. I actually saw some live ones scavenging on the side of the road. As we near the end of our Italian road trip. It’s amazing how different Italy is from coast to coast, mountains to the sea. And who could forget Sicily. I love the north of Italy, so its nice to be here again nearly a year since we were here last.