img_0659img_0682img_0644img_0693img_0708img_0656img_0691Munich was one of those cities Jason wanted to go to. It didn’t disappoint. We parked saturday night under the bright red lights of the Bayern Munich football stadium. €15 for the night with electric was ideal. Sunday morning we bought a family pass ticket on the metro underground into the city. 20 minutes later we were there, the hounds (dogs) go for free. Arriving in Marienplatts right in front of the city hall. The famous clock going off at 12 with a show of figures moving to the chimes. Jokers, knights and turning dancers. I’ve seen one like this before but with big cuckoo style features, im just not sure where. Its been 22 years since I was here last. Munich was going off today, most of the shops closed due to being a sunday but a carnival style party was happening. People dressed up, clowns and lots of dancing. We walked to many different parts of town. Munich residence and its gardens, through the closed up beer gardens. Along to Odenplatz on the edge of the old town. The architecture here is beautiful. And the sheer amount of buildings, Bavaria is as they say beautiful. Cuckoo clocks for sale in a shop. Id love one, but i have a feeling it would drive Zoey crazy. Munich is one of the cleanest cities we have been to, hardly any rubbish, anywhere. We spent a few hours walking the different boroughs here, you could easily spend a couple of days looking around.I did laugh as we past a tour guide telling a lady that she and her husband where going to the BMW museum and it might be boring for her. Yes i imagine she would love the high-end shops more, than a car muesum. As the town hall clock display started at 12 we stood and watched eating our bratwurst sausages in kaiser buns. Hundreds of people gathered for the show. We wanted to get back, not to late. As we wanted to head off to Landberg for the night about 40 minutes drive away. We are heading towards the black forest. If the weather permits we would like to go along past Lindau and along the swiss border. But if not we will head further up into the Black forest.