town gate
River view
Town square
painted buildings

Oh how we love Germany. Now Jasons favourite country so far. The cute little towns, with buildings that date back as far as the 10 th century. Last night we stayed in the beautiful town of Landsberg. We decided to walk around today before heading off to Memmingen. The church bells going off till eleven last night. The two opposing churches having a bell ring off. This morning we walked the pink marked path into the Altstadts (old town). Walking over the river and through the town gate. You arrive in the town sqaure. It reminds of Poland, all the pointed buildings, all brightly painted. Lots of bakeries with windows full of donuts and pretzels. We crossed over the river and looked back at the scene in front. Fast flowing water over wooden boards airating the water. The church tops and remains of the castle. Clock towers and painted murals on buildings. Arriving back at the motorhome, we packed up and decided to head to Memmingen.

storks nest

Memmingen all i can say is wow. What a stunning place with loads of history. The wind had picked up to 46 miles an hour, So we decided to go into town today. Walking the park from the Stellplatz to the walled entry into the old town. A small fast flowing river runs alongside and into the Altstadts (old town). We walked through the Einlass (entry gate) dating back to 1475. As you walk through you look to the right and see the Ulm Gate a northern boundary gate dating back to 1396. Painted above is Maximilian I entering in to the town on horseback in 1489. From here we walked  into the Marketplatz, taking in the Rathaus (town hall) There are signs for a red route that takes you to various monuments and famous houses such as the Siebendacherhaus ( house of 7 gables), the Weinmarket ( wine market) also fishermans square. We also past a building called the storks nest, which has its own storks nest on the chimnery. The river flows through little canals around the town. Overall its one of the prettiest places we have been. Again the centre is well kept and the building painted, making it look modern whilst maintaining its historic look.