IMG_1659[1]The two-hour drive here from Le Mont Saint Michel was beautiful. Another blue sky day and surrounding fields of lush green countryside. I give it to the french they look after motorhomers, Aires and stops everywhere along the route. The roads are well signposted and of good quality unlike a lot of the United Kingdom. One week in and here we are in our first major city Nantes; a university town. It’s so well equipped for students, cycle lanes, trams and walkways everywhere. We are at Nantes Camping set in forestry and backs onto a racetrack. Its well equipped and ive managed to wash a weeks worth of clothing and the showers are bliss. The dogs have never walked so much and get lots of smiles and greetings outside the shops. Tomorrow we plan to head for the centre of the city to explore some of its historic sites, and hopefully the Jardin des Plantes. Recommended by  a lovely mexican exchange student Mariana, she’s said its like Central Park. We are learning fast the way to do things in France, buy your petrol at the supermarket, its at least 20c cheaper a litre. GPL is LPG, yes we had a giggle at that one. Siesta is a real thing 12.30-3pm everyones off home. Lidl is my new favourite Aldi, it has a better selection. Fresh milk is rare, UHT milk is the norm. And my new appreciation of buying fresh bread & croissants daily, they really do melt in your mouth.