The day started with my daily visit to get breakfast. Being a university town it was a hum of bicycles and students everywhere first thing. We left for Nantes centre just after 9am and headed along the river Erdr. Its a lovely walk that stretches for miles along the riverbank and leads into La Loire river. We arrived at the Bouffay Quarter, a hub of shops and cafes down quaint lanes. We walked the green tourist route around the Cathedrale St Piere St Paul and walked the grounds of Chateau des Ducs de Brentagne. The Chateau is set at the end of the Chapelle de l’Immaculee, a vast area of dusty land in the middle of busy streets. In its day it was the home to bustling markets. We sat at the end and took in the view whilst eating lunch. From here we carried on to the Feydeau Quarter & Graslin Quarters. We must have walked for 5 hours today with both the dogs. Ending in the Jardin des Plantes, described as like central park it doesn’t disappoint. Beautiful lush green plants all labelled and surrounded by streams and lily pads. Sculptures, a bird aviary and freely roaming ducks and pheasants. Plants shaped into animals such as a sleeping cat, and the most beautiful orange fruiting tree in the centre. We left Jardin des Plantes crossing back up over the Loire and followed the tram line, that travels the length of the city straight back to the campsite. Both the dogs are knakkered 5 hours of walking tired us all out. I did find a cool bike today with a carriage on the front to fit dogs. Jason said it wouldn’t fit on the back of the motor home, and asked in the local skate shop about electric scooters, like you see the kids ride. But for €900 each he might be using his feet more. Tomorrow we hope to travel to Rochefort, the land of my favourite cheese. More photos are on Instagram on the blog page.