Church in Soubise
Yesterday we travelled for two hours along the D & N roads, or the newly named roundabout alley by us. Im not kidding when i say we went round over 30 in two hours. Sometimes avoiding tolls has its perks, such as seeing the gorgeous countryside, but the down side is roundabout alley. We are staying in an aire about 7km from Rochefort in Soubise. Its cheap at €8 a night with electric and water. Its a tiny little place, like a little harbour. You can see Rochefort in the distance over a huge sweeping bridge, only accessible by vehicle as we tried to walk there today. Instead we ended up under it looking across to the shore on the otherside. This morning I went past the rather glamourous town hall, opposite the church, will its massive bell tower. The bells ring on the hour up until about 10pm and im sure they have bell ringers, as they only seem to ring from 7am-10pm. Our kitchen tap sensor broke today, so we tried to make it to the nearest repairer, but they are closed till Tuesday. So we might be staying put for a couple of days. If the weathers good tomorrow, its raining now, we are going to try to do a day trip out to Fort Louvios. Its 30 mins away and is 400mtrs out into the ocean only accesible by foot in low tide. Monday we are thinking that a day trip to Rochefort or staying on the otherside of the river, at least 5 motorhomes were parked up over there, that we could see. After cooking for the last 10 days we decided to treat ourselves to Pizza at the local shop, after decifering the menu we made the best choice of a Napoli Pizza. Best pizza we have had in ages, like a true authenitic italian pizza. Currently sat watching tv via our personal hotspot and tv box, with our feet up from all the walking.