We have woken to a glorious day of sunshine, even if it is a little on the cool side. Yesterday the rain came in showers and its was extremely windy. What a difference a day makes ah. We did venture out yesterday to Fort Louvios, a tiny fortification built between 1691-1694. It is 400 metres off shore, unfortunately it was high tide when we arrived, so we only got to see from the shoreline. Oysters are the speciality here, rows and rows of trawlers and oyster beds. We stopped on the side of the road at a little kiosk and got some moules (mussels) and crevettes (prawns). Trying to order a kilo of moules was hilarious…..literally

Fort Louvios
Again lost in translation as of our lacking in french, but we got there in the end. Today we arrived Rochefort, at an aire close to the historic centre. A bargain at €4.10 a night. Its Lundi (monday), and typical to the french way of life everything is closed today. In saying that its great to visit a city as you can wander the streets without too many people around. What a pretty city this is, the architecture is amazing, even the new buildings are being built-in keeping with the old. I love the Juliet balconies and shutters and found a funky door handle of a hand. The L’Hermoine ship is sitting in the dock in all her splendor. I couldn’t resist I bought some of my favourite cheese Roquefort.