Yesterday started with a visit to the repair shop in La Rochelle to fix our kitchen tap, the guys were fab, finding a solution and fixing it within an hour. We then ventured on to Saintes, a town packed with Roman history. We found a camping car stop for €5 night, parked up and headed for the St Pierre Cathedrale.  It dominates the skyline as you enter Saintes. We found the Arc de Germanicus first, the gateway to the city built-in 18-19AD. Crossed the river in search of the St Pierre Cathedrale, beautiful in its architecture the details on the entrance, had everyone taking photographs. The highlight was the Gallo Roman amphitheatre dating 40-50AD , just out of the centre and the Saint Eutrope Basilica with its Romanesque Crypt. Today we are in Mirambeau in a wine-producing region, grape vines are all you see for miles. Not much else in the town, but a cheap aire with electric and a Super U across the road with washing machines in the car park.IMG_1791[1] Finding a laundry is hard but these are great 30mins for a wash and then into the drier for another 30 mins. All whist doing your supermarket shopping.