Two days ago we were parked up on the Citadelle de Blaye. An amazing backdrop with an equally beautiful sunset in the estuary in front. I would have liked to spend a bit more time there but with no facilities and being sick, all I wanted to do was sleep. We headed off to possibly the worst campsite we have stayed on, in the middle of no where. Awoken to gunshots, apparently today is wild pig hunting day shooters spread along the roadside 100 metres apart. guns cocked and ready to shoot, when the dogs send them through. Talking of dogs, border collies are a common breed here, they are the dogs I have seen the most of. Everyone who comes up or we get talking to is…. ah Chien (dog) border collie i have one at home. So i guess our two fit in quite well. They have both been great in the camper, sleeping on the drive and enjoying exploring the towns we visit. We decided to visit Huitres fossiles today, but we can’t find the sign to where they are. Apparently they are 20 million year old Oyster fossiles 25km inland from the sea. We would love to see them if we can find them, so fingers crossed you might all get to see some pictures. Instead we are in Cadillac down the road, its market day so the towns humming with locals and market stalls. A nice lady pointed us to a free camperstop so we are parked up with a dutch camper for free. This week has been cheap for accommodation at under €37.