Here we are sitting in the sun of 15 degrees at Mimizan Plage. A coastal surf town in the gulf of Gascogne. We are parked up in a modern aire for €9.50 with EHU, about 1km walk from the beach. The dogs loved it endless beach with just us on it, blue/ green waves rolling in to the fine beige sand. Picture perfect doesn’t really describe it. It definitely matches NZ beaches. In summer this place would be alight with locals and tourists. It has three Patisseries, bars and restaurants. As usual we pull up right on siesta time, all the shops are now closed till 3pm. So after a stroll through the town and along the beach, its back to plan the next couple of days and our cross over into Spain. We have been so fortunate with the weather. Fog for the last two mornings but stunning days. Yesterday at the lake it was calm and clear. I could see why the french love to motor home, what a beautiful country it is. All the motorhome stops are located in easy reach of a town or sites. We finally think we have a hang on where the best places to stay are. Camperstops and aires if they have electric are usually the best. Jason’s happy as long as he can plug-in the tv and hook up to WiFi. If not sometimes just a CP as we are self sufficient enough to be able to last a couple of days. Lessons learnt are, always carry enough fresh water to shower each day. Yes we have run out before and had to fill tank with bottled water. Not as expensive as you think. Bottled water is so cheap. Do grocery shopping before Sunday. Everywhere is closed Sundays and sometimes Mondays. Fuel and LPG at supermarkets saves at least 20c a litre. Super U is like tesco expensive, compared to E L’elerc, Intermarche, Lidl and Aldi. My favourite being Lidl.  Always do laundry when you find one as they are far and few between. Travelling as little as 1hr a day you find some amazing stops. At this rate we could spend a year in France and not see it all, its HUGE. France has exceeded expectations.IMG_1851[1]