We crossed the border today. Had my passports ready, dogs strapped in. Yip must be soon, Ummmm think we are in Spain the buildings are different. That was a little disappointing I must say, easy but a sign would have been good. So here we are at a campsite set up in the hills above San Sebastián. We have views of hills and mountains but i know over the road its the coastal view. Dont think Jason liked the hairpin bends to get here but at least its warm and we have our washing out to dry. Crossing the border the first thing you notice is the price of fuel, CHEAP. Diesel €1.03 litre, hope the food is as cheap. Yesterday we spent the day at Biarritz, the dogs loved it a 5 min walk to a surf beach, Zoey swam loads and we both walked round in t shirts with our sunnies on. We got back to the van to find a piece of paper that looked like advertising, only to find it was a fine from the police. Even though we had paid to park, because we hadn’t displayed it, they fine you. And not just us, a french guy and another british couple. So sorry Biarritz we wont be back in a hurry. Tomorrow we are hopefully off down the coastal road towards Santander for some stunning views.