Here we are in Santander on a free aire. We can stay for 48 hrs and as tomorrow is sunday we are gonna hang around for another night. Yesterday we were in a sleepy fishing village of Leikieto. Parked in another free aire next to botanical garden and zoo. We met a lovely couple from Hartlepool who are just like us, gypsy, nomads, free spirits. They have no agenda like us, who also like off the beaten track. It was like channeling ourselves, same books and similar experiences. We decided to take the N634 coast road yesterday to Leikeito on someones suggestion, as beautiful as it was NEVER again. Bend after bend, and a hairpin or two. Anyone who knows the Coromandel roads in NZ this was a close second. And nowhere to pull over for a photo, I was gutted. Today we headed to Santander, not knowing what to expect it has not been disappointing. what a beautiful city and all that you could want in a city, shops, marina, history and outdoor escalators up from the town…… Yes we laughed at them on our way down, but totally took them on the way back up, dogs and all. Parked up next to a bunch of Spaniards, who like a drink. A little conversation as we pulled in as we couldn’t find the entrance so i went to ask. They all cheered Jason in to the aire with a mexican wave, hilarious.