Here we are sat in the most beautiful countryside, next to an old abbey overlooking two beautiful churches. snow-capped mountains one side and the coast 1km walk away on the other. The owner of this aire in Cobreces is a lovely lady and it is fab for €12 a night. The local bakery is in what looks like a derelict building, but the owner is there baking fresh bread the old way in a kiln. It’s cheap for two croissants, a pane chocolate and a loaf of bread €3.75. This morning we left Santander after I made a dash for the bank to exchange some pounds. Well after four banks, two of which i visited twice and a cambo (money exchange) we got there. Banks only exchange money if you are a customer, so it was a cambo de exchange, not as easy to find as you think. Santander and in fact Spaniards have the right idea. Sunday the day of rest, all that is open is museums or monuments. Shops are closed Sundays, museums Mondays. So here we were with thousands of locals, walking the streets in the rain along the promenades. Sailing clubs had boats going out, sailing in the harbour. A shooting range behind the Sailing club, had us jumping at the sound of gunfire. Beach tennis and surfers galore. We visited the Palace of Magdalena, and walked the marina for hours. Then on the night the local Santander football club were playing, we could here the roar of the crowds from the camper. A large park was in front of us, including an underground concert hall, that had a band playing covers of Metallica. So yes it was the day of S’s Santander, Sunday, Siesta, Surfing, Sailing, Shooting, Sightseeing. And here we are now out of the city i really enjoyed, in lush countryside above a gorgeous beach. With coastal walks in either direction and the famous Santilina del Mar down the road to visit. I could stay here a while.