We ventured out from our three-day stay at Cobreces today to get food from Lidl, after a huge shop and refill of the cupboards we stopped in Santilana del Mar. Known as the most beautiful Basque town, its cobbled streets were flowing with water as we arrived to a hail storm. The weather today unfortunately was freezing and wet, but im sure the town would be stunning in the sun. We have been lucky up until last night when the heavens opened and the sound of rain hit the roof all night. Yesterday we walked the coastal walk from Cobeces to the ocean cliffs, and flowing waterfall (Bolero) that ran into the ocean. At the Aire in Cobreces we met two cool fellow kiwis from the east coast, Lucy and Jamie making their way back to the UK through Spain and France. Sounds like they are experienced travellers having travelled through Europe and living in Canada. We hope they find the sun in France as its disappeared from Northern Spain. Tomorrow we are off to Gijon and hopefully Portugal early next week. Jasons still getting funny looks walking around in his shorts, so we better find some sun.