Last night the panoramic view from our free aire, was stunning. Parked in front of a lighthouse on the northern coast watching the surf rolling in. Next to the lighthouse is a church & memorial garden, all monuments to those who had lost their lives out at sea. The aire had room for 3 campers, with another 2 down the road. After a night of being battered by rain and strong winds, we decided to move on to Ourol. Further inland and after altitude that made myself and poor Zoey feel sick, we arrived in the mountains. After 5 mins we decided it wasnt for us and are now sat in the sun of Monfero on the edge of a nature reserve. Yesterday we drove the A roads and over 50 viaducts and 25 tunnels. Some of these viaducts span over 600 metres in length and hundreds of metres in height. So if it doesn’t go up and down, they go through or between the mountains. The snow has been falling in some of the mountains and we have had hail for two days so we are keen to get south and to some sun or at least no rain. Today we stressed a little as we had driven for 3 hours and two petrol stations on the sat nav were closed down, so filled up at the nearest and most expensive. Now we feel settled we are sorted for the rest of the week.IMG_1978[1]