Today we awoke to waves crashing on the shore below us. The most soothing calming sound. The baker arrived with fresh bread at 10am in his van, a common sight in Spain. He arrives at a house hangs it in a bag on the door and off he goes to the next house. I walked the dogs down the beach and was greeted with the sight of about 30 divers and mussel collectors on the rocks. They must have had 100s of sacks of them as the stream of them walking from the rocks to their cars was continuous. After breakfast we decided to walk to the nearest town, or should I say i walked with the dogs, Jas rode his new bike. The weather is superb, about 14 degrees im in t-shirt and sandals. The locals are wrapped up lol. We passed the A Lanzada an area of beaches said to have healing properties and remains of a fortress and chapel. Its said that the festivity of the Virgin of A Landaza is celebrated in August. Women who want to end their infertility must go into the sea to be bathed by 9 waves. Also to reinforce the fertility the women and their partners must breakwater in the chapel. This was a stunning site set out in clear waters with steps down  under from the ruins into the clear waters.