Awoken again to the sound of waves, we decided to head to Pontevedra for a free night. Only to find we had a flat battery from the cold. The only other camper there was a spanish couple who kindly offered to give us a jump. After we spent 10mins looking for his battery which was in his cab under his seat, we waved them off. Our sat nav needs a name as we curse and swear at her quite often as do most people do we think. Arriving in Pontevedra we arrived at our so called destination according to the sat nav. A bunch of one way, narrow streets. No where near the true parking area which is sporatically signposted. Pontevedra is one city we would visit again. The free aire is 5 mins walk to the centre. Several bridges adorn the river where kayakers paddle. The boardwalks are full of walkers, runners and thousands of dogs. The first day we walked into town a mass of cobbled streets open up onto plazas of cafes, fountains and churches. After buying some new trainers, mine id walked holes into, we headed back to the aire. The next day we awoke to a frost and a national holiday so it was quiet until the evening and everyone decended on the centre with children and dogs, the churches and monuments lit up. Christmas lights hung from the rooftops along the streets. We found a fab pizza place that serves by the slice, one topped with anchovies and another with sardines & we sat people watching as we ate. The spainish embrase family and time together as the french and siesta, means everything is open late into the night. Today we headed to Portugal but not before stopping in the border town of Tui overlooking the river and the border. Another splendour of churches and cobbled streets and less than 1km from the border. Then the Spanish/ Portugal border crossing……. and we head on to this bridge that doesnt look or feel like it takes traffic both ways. If it wasnt for the cars behind us you would think it was a no go with cars coming towards you. The only other option was left and that said ESPANA, ummm nope thats not the way. So nervously we crossed and here we are in Portugal, and gaining a few grey hairs. We are up in the beautiful Minho valley high up in the mountains on the edge of a national park. The owners of the campsite are super friendly and speak great english. We are weighing up the toll roads to Braga tomorrow as we heard the other roads are congested and of poor quality, so a bit of trip planning tonight as its started to rain in Covas.