After a night by ourselves in the campsite, we headed off from Covas down the winding Minho Valley towards Braga and along another pilgrimage trail to Bom Jesus do Monte. You only have to spend a day driving in a country to see what they like, build or sell lots of. Portugal is religious monuments, pilgrimage trails, car yards and furniture shops. They also have a large supply of petrol stations that nearly all have LPG, but are very expensive for diesel. The weather since we got here has been a drizzle and fog is the new sight to be seen. After descending the mountain tops this morning we arrived at Bom Jesus do Monte. An amazing site with sculpted scenes of the crucifixion of christ, adorning staircases to the church, beautifully manicured gardens and mosaic walkways. The views on a clear day would be amazing, but fog was engulfing us so the photos don’t do it justice. Inside the gold altar and  the scenes depicted are stunning as well as the frescos on the ceilings

From here we travelled to Barcelos, Rooster country. Again the weather was dreary but the town charming in character. Cobbled streets and the famous coloured patterned tiles that the Portuguese are known for, are still present on some of the buildings. Im still to get some photos but ill put some up when I get some tomorrow. The character here makes you feel like you are in Portugal, older couples dancing on the street corner as music blasts from the speakers, people drinking coffee in cafes and a wedding at a church on a square where everyone lines the streets, umbrellas up, to watch the bride and groom. Hopefully a better day to get out and about tomorrow before heading to the coast.