Its blowing a gale in the west of Portugal. Last night we stayed in the sleepy fishing village of Vila do Conde. A fab car park off the beach front with 30 mainly portuguese campers for the night. The night before we stayed in Barcelos and after a visit to the local market and getting fresh salmon for dinner.We came back to plan our next stop. We discovered that our sat nav wanted to take us down the toll roads the next day. Tolls in Portugal are in on word CONFUSING, even the portuguese don’t know how they work. Some you pay in cash others you need an electronic pass for. Who knows which ones are which. Signing up after we crossed the border was too late as we were already down the coast. Post offices that sell toll cards are closed Saturdays and trying to decifer online was so confusing. So Jason programmed in a different route, the first 10 mins of the hour journey were scary. Narrow roads that if you met another vehicle who knows how you would get out of there. Then the cobbled, pothole streets started and then we found the national road at last, I was just happy to see a wider road. Before we moved onto Vila Cha today on the coast, 20km from Porto we walked the town, passing the aqueduct which once boasted 999 arches and the panoramic view from outside the Convento de Santa Clara. We are now at a lovely campsite, with the friendliest host and a free welcome glass of Port.  There is a storm and 21mph winds that are blowing,  they are supposed to hit Porto tonight so we may stay put for another night to see it out. Excited to see Porto and our host was a star, drew on a map the whole way to the parking in Porto for us.