Last night was a free night in Mafra, with the pleasure of overlooking its massive palace lit up it was just as stunning. Whilst walking round we passed a drive through chicken joint, portuguese style. The entry was mount the footpath into a drive, where the attendant opens the ranchslider to hand out the orders. It was bizarre, entertaining as well as busy. Jas walked in and got a bucket of fries, so he was happy. We decided to move south for the New year. It was a toss-up head to Sintra or look for somewhere that might have some fireworks tonight. We decided to head towards Setubal (the hometown of Jose Mourinho, for those football fans). We headed off in the rain through a diversion of side streets just out of Lisboa (Lisbon) onto this huge suspension bridge, it looks like the golden gate bridge. On the south side on the hill stands a statue of Cristo Rei (christ of king) which looks like something from Rio. My photos whilst we were driving don’t do it justice in the rain.

Arriving at Outao it was raining, unable to see anything we thought oh well, we are here now lets just stay. But the skies have cleared and the harbour and bay in front of us is magnificent.

We were told that we should be able to see the fireworks from the city. So sitting here with my vino, typing this overlooking the bay is a great way to see in the new year. Happy new year everyone, we hope everyone has a fab one…….