Driving back into Spain, you feel the change of the roads immediately. The autoroutes (non toll) are in such good condition and the climate was also warmer. We decided to find a camperstop for filling our water in Gibraleon, on our way to a free stop for the night on route to Seville. One other couple were there and left just before us, not thinking we would see them again, we waved them on. As we drove down the road we saw a motor home that had blown its tyre, the rear end had water coming out , so it looked like the back-end had hit the ground. It brings home the danger of a blowout, not realising that this was the couple we had just seen. It wasnt till later that day the couple who had the accident pulled up next to us and filled us in what had happened to them. We arrived at our destination, a traditional spanish restaurant in the heart of the town La Palma del Condado. Set in a huge, old barn style building, the Tarbena Chocaito. The owner didn’t speak English, and his niece acted as translator. Saying we could stay we parked up and decided to go in for lunch after taking the dogs for a walk. We took the first left and immediately were in the side streets of town, beautifully decorated buildings with fabulous doors and door handles. My favourite still being the hands reaching out. All of a sudden we were in this stunning square with a fountain and imposing church. Around the corner was a monument to the lady ” El Rochio”. It held styles of Islamic, modernism and Andalusian influences. Walking round the town nearly all the streets were lined with lemon trees, and as we went further orange trees. The fruit picked and bagged at the base of the trees, we wondered where the fruit was going. Did it go to the locals or sold on, and if it did where did the money go? Heading back to the restaurant we went in and sat by the wood fire. Olives were served up and a beer and vino ordered. The menu we google translated and with the help of the owners niece we ordered Paella, a house specialty. We were going to get the Seafood platter for two, until they said it was served frio (cold). Before our Paella a tuna salad was served and after the best Paella we have ever had, coffee and lemon sorbet to finish. Well worth the €37, with a free night, and I would definitely go again.  Today we travelled to east of Seville to a Motorhome store for €10 with electric for the night. We need to get our fridge sorted as it doesn’t work on 12v whilst driving. Its raining today so a perfect day to just park up, tomorrow we are hoping to park up in Seville for a look around, it’s absolutely massive to drive through and at one point reminded me of the USA as we sat in one of five lanes heading in the same direction. Hoping for a better day tomorrow to enjoy the sites of Sevilla (Seville) and then towards Cadiz on monday.