Today we arrived in Sevilla (Seville) and as it goes for a major city its amazing. We are parked in a secure car park overlooking the river 2km walk from the historical centre. For two hours we have walked the streets, the architecture here is simply STUNNING. The main streets La Constitucion and San Fernando, a mix of pedestrians, cyclists and trams. The main sights are dotted all over the city and you could easily spend 2-3 days here. The Catedral y Giralda is beautiful with all its intricately carved statues and arch ways. The Palacio de San Telmo stands out with its statues mounting the roof top down one side of the building. Fountains adorn squares, sometimes with oranges trees, something that I think adds to its beauty. You can truly see the influences from different rulers as the architecture is so different throughout the city. If you havent been here I can highly recommend it as a city, even for motor homes. We even found a solar battery charger for the gadgets, so here’s hoping it works. The sun is out and the sky is clear at 17 degrees, the dogs enjoyed the walk through the city. For some reason the Spanish love them, especially Zoeys two coloured eyes, and Georges colourings. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was a foggy day and we decided to travel to Carmona, for a day out. Our sat nav loves to take us interesting ways. We ended up at the highest point on top of a mountain. An ancient gateway (Cordoba gate) and roman road leading us to cobbled streets was an indicator to park on the outside of the entrance. Walking through the town, it has beautiful churches and the Alcazar de la Puerta de Sevilla, another archway into the town. Reading that it had a Roman necropolis, we walked to the other end of town, only to be a little disappointed at its size and huge fences. In the weather it was a little hard to see, but the day out and chance to visit another town was good enough. We are hoping to head south tomorrow to the coast and Cadiz. Loving being back in Spain, lots more sites to be seen….. Hasta luego