After our lush time in Seville we decided to head in the direction of Cadiz. Travelling on the national road, the countryside was filled with a mix of lush green fields and barren dirt ones. We decided to head to Jerez not far from Cadiz and are parked at The Caravaning club Jerez, a shop come aire with on site mechanic. The hosts are amazing and you even get a glass or two of their dry or sweet sherry on arrival. We got the mechanic Joaquin to look at our fridge and we think he’s fixed it, unlike the last place who charged us €27 and only changed the fuse. Yesterday Jas walked the dogs down the street only to come into contact with the dreaded processionary caterpillars. This was our first encounter with the brown caterpillars. They link together in a large chain and its their fine hairs that cause a sting. They are deadly to dogs, dangerous to humans and originate out of pine trees. Poor Jas I went into panic mode when he came back and washed both the dogs paws. Today I walked ahead every time I saw a pine tree to look out for them. Today we walked the 3.5km walk to the centre of Jerez, the sun was out and at 17 degrees was warming. The walk to the centre reminded me of Miami, boulevards of pine trees lined the central strip, whilst orange trees marked the outer footpaths.I am still wondering what happens to all those oranges? The town has an Alcazar (a moorish palace or fortress), grand cathedral, and many a church. Jerez was known as the wine capital of the world in the 19th century and is well-known for its Tio Pepe sherry, Bodega (wine cellars) and flamenco dancing. My spanish is improving which makes translating with the locals a little more fun. Hoping to be in Cadiz in a couple of days as the weather is good and looking to hit the 20 degree mark.