This morning we ventured to Cadiz after our great aire in Jerez. We stayed longer than we expected but the service was fantastic, we got our fridge and shower fixed, and a new bathroom tap fitted for €172 which was a bargain honestly. The owners became new friends as we all laughed over google translate many a time in the last 3 days. Them laughing at Jason in jandals and shorts saying FRIO (cold) and us when the google translate said Joaquin will go and get the garlic, it was meant to say faucet. They even picked fresh oranges for us last night off their trees and hugs and kisses all round when we were leaving. Cadiz wow what a place. On the coast in a walled city, street after street of one way alleys opening up onto squares. Along the promenade by the sea walls a Parque (park) with beautiful trees and walkways. Huge fig trees lay at one end of the promenade with cute little tiled plazas and little fountains with cherubs spurting water. We were hungry and set out for brunch, finding a panadera (bakery) Jas bought two of the best pana chocolate, oozing with chocolate and fluffy pastry. No wonder the shop was busy. We walked for an hour around part of the town,

but decided to head back to the van for the afternoon to look at our new ACSI  and aires book, both are in Spanish but should be ok to decifer. Tomorrow the central market is supposed to be great and another walk around the town as we have paid for two nights parking for €6 so it gives us two days to wander this beautiful town and soak up the atmosphere and maybe get some more photos of the crazy door handles I love.