We spent two nights in Cadiz, what an amazing place to visit. You could spend days just walking the different tourist routes and still probably not walk down the same side street. Our first night we parked in a large car park at the right hand side with a few others, it was busy at the other end and we didn’t think much of it. Jas decided he wanted an early night and just as his head hit the pillar, trumpet practise started in the nearby theatre. For the next two hours it was echoes of trumpet playing, which wouldn’t be so bad if they could play. Two hours of silence and then the 3-4 nightclubs we failed to notice started up 12 am till 7 am. Not so much the music but the drunk Spaniards in the carpark even at 7am was crazy. We decided to move to the other end the next morning. So did a german guy next to us who didnt hear the noise as the waiter had served him one to many drinks the night before. Fog had settled in and we were then welcomed by a gigantic cruise ship, as it pulled into the port next to us. I felt sorry for them as the day before it was stunning views and all they could see was thick fog. We headed to the famous Mercado Centro. This place is absolutely amazing, rows and rows of fishmongers, full tuna on display and swordfish heads, mussels, cockles, and prawns. Then rows of veg sellers with all their produce hanging in nice bunches. We bought fresh salmon, mussels (kiwi size not british size)fresh cherries, vine toms, celery and carrots. In the afternoon we decided to walk the castle trail and walked out to Castello San Sebastion, out on a causeway. It looked like nothing in the fog and then, there you are out in the ocean with this castle in front of you. Shallow water lapping the side, it looked stunning in the fog. Our second night was a lot quieter and today we left early for Conil de la Frontera, parked up overlooking a beautiful river that enters the sea. Its green waters a home to plenty of bird life. We can see the beach a mere 300 metres away. The town here is all whitewashed buildings and restaurants on the front. We plan to stay here a couple of days and probably a site tomorrow to get power and then back by the river for a couple more. The weather is warm and beach great for the dogs, both having a swim to cool off. Later in the week off to Gibraltar as im in need of some books to read in the sunshine…….