Here we sit by the river, still in Conil de la Frontera. We spent sunday night here and loved it, what a view. We only ventured to the nearest campsite to empty, refill and charge the Hoover. The campsite is on the other side of the whitewashed town a lot further away from the beach. Mainly full of long-term winter sun followers of all nationalities. We met up with a lovely couple we had met in Jerez, David and Sue and caught up over a few bottles of wine. They are just like us, travellers, with an active healthy lifestyle but now living in France. I’m just a little bit jealous. We said our farewells the next day and ventured back down to the river for the next few days. You could walk so many ways through this town and along the beach that seems never-ending. We walked the dogs on the beach this morning followed by a walk through town this afternoon. The river is full of fish and you can sit watching the birds diving for them. People walk up and down this river all day long. Groups of older men and women walk along in full conversation getting their dose of Vitamin D for the day. Dog walkers by the dozen and in the evening people stand on the bridge at the end of the river looking out to sea watching the sunset. Over the bridge is a mural of El toros, (bulls). And in the paddock next to them the real thing. Magnificent things with their lethal looking horns, the backdrop of green fields and mountains in the distance. Tonight we are going to venture out for a bite to eat as all the cafes and tapas bars look good. Later in the week heading to Tarifa and Gibraltar early next week.