Yesterday we decided to drive to Bolonia, yes that sounds Italian but we are in Spain. Up a windy narrow road and through the mountains appears Bolonia. A windy town near Tarifa and the bottom of Spain. The first thing you notice is the stunning beach, waves crashing on the shore in deep blue and green colours. Looking to right you can just see the Roman ruins Baelo Claudia, columns popping up amongst the trees. In the distance a massive sand dune, people looking like dots going up it in the distance. We didnt venture out till today as it was a wild day yesterday, rain and a bitter cold wind. This morning we walked up the sand dune at the far end of the beach. It’s hard to describe but the winds have dug huge rolling sand dunes. Reminds me of seeing pictures of the Sahara desert and going up and down massive dunes. We then ventured into the Museo and Roman ruins up the road. If you are an EU citizen you get in for free showing your passport. This place is phenomenal the ruins are so well-preserved and some date back to the 1st century. The backdrop of the beach makes it even better. Ruins consisted of temples, walls, aqueduct, basilica, theatre, thermal baths,salting fishing area, market plus so much more. It is so worth the visit if we hadn’t needed services for tonight, we would have stayed another day. The photos on Instagram don’t really do it justice, but will give you an idea. Tarifa is around the corner, hoping for a view of Morocco tomorrow