IMG_2876[1]We are chillaxing on a sunday afternoon in Castellar de la Frontera, about 30 mins from Gibraltar. We left Tarifa this morning as the wind is about to get 60 km per hour. And it is such an exposed coastline, we thought it best to move on. Tarifa is such a surfy come chilled town. The beach stretches out, people walking the boardwalk, surfers parked up in their vans. Yoga on the beach, even people sunbathing and swimming believe it or not. We walked the town and the Castello walls, overlooking the beautiful marine reserve and looking across to Morrocco. Divers in the water doing their PAD courses, crystal clear water to see everything. I would love to do it, but one thing i have learnt is I cant equalize under pressure, the joys of studying medicine and hyperbarack chambers. Tarifa is set out for motorhomes, parks everywhere even a fuel stop that was so cheap at under £1 a litre, with services and wash area. All the Tapas bars and cafes were packed as the day was sunny, everyone enjoying saturday. This morning we walked the beach and then up the main street back to our motorhome. We have finally mastered how to get the best out of our solar power, meaning we only need electric 1-2 nights a week to charge the laptop and hoover. We have a shower early on and charge the gadgets off the battery before 12, allowing the rest of the day to recharge the batteries. We decided to travel to Castellar de la frontera, another free stop for the night and bringing our total for accomadation this week to €34. We were going to venture out when the rain started so I guess it will be tomorrow for some sightseeing of the castle and old town. People have said Gibraltar is not that great but we are going to try and get over for one day if we can get past passport control queues, which we have heard are long. Will keep you posted, i am trying to fix a clitch i have with the photo it posts when i blog to facebook, but most of the photos are on instagram if people are following us on there. Nearly three months on the road has gone fast and its only now we realise that you could spend years travelling a single country, something we would love to do…….