IMG_2033[1]We are parked up at the marina below Gibraltar, looking up at THE ROCK. We can see where the cable car goes up and even saw an airforce jet take off as we arrived. The weather here is……. WINDY, to say the least. Yesterday a part of Gibraltar was closed to trucks and schools closed due to scaffolding blowing down. A lady in the laundry told me the marina was wild and that she thought a few of the boats might have lost their moorings. The bay and its boardwalk definitely took a hammering and on our way over it was a little hard to stand up. If you havent been to Gibraltar, it’s a big rock with an airstrip sitting just after the border control. As you walk across it feels like you are in no mans land. It reminds me of walking the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, except that was no mans land for 200 metres. Gibraltars Rock with a moorish castle looking down. Caves up by the castle can be seen out of the rock, once used for shooting the cannons in defence. Then you hit the main shopping area, high street chains everywhere. Jason was on the lookout for Greggs and a sausage roll, but to our disappointment we had to settle for a Morrisons one instead. I popped into Morrisons for a newspaper and a couple of books. Crazy mad in there, people pushing and shoving and the queues for the pastries was really laughable. As the weather was so wild we decided to come back and chill for the night, it was too wild to go up the Rock. Border control were great, showed our passports, they weren’t even worried about the Pet passports for George and Zoey. As usual they got lots of fuss off people, even customs gave them a pat.

We came from Castellar de la Frontera yesterday after spending two days there, trying to avoid the crazy wind. We thought it was lovely and we could visit the Castello, a medieval town inside the castle. So out we set, after asking a guy in my pigeon spanish where the castle was he pointed in the distance and said 5km……. Ummmm it was in the distance so far I couldn’t even get a photo. After researching, the route driving looked frightening, narrow and 12% inclines not really suited for our motor home. Which was such a pity, the aire was fab but we learnt that they had relocated everyone to the NEW Castellar de la Frontera in the 1970’s and hippies had taken over the old Castellar when it fell into disrepair. So its one we missed out on, as we didn’t fancy the 10km not 5km walk the guy said it was. Onto Casares tomorrow  as we move towards Marbella.