Yesterday we drove along to the Costa del Sol and up into the mountains to Casares. The road was high and full of bends and sheer drops. In the distance we could see the whitewashed houses of Casares. Perched up onto of a mountain its pretty spectacular. Our free aire for the night was at the information centre on an  oposing hilltop. The winds were blowing but after our night in La Linea near Gibraltar, nothing could compare to that wind. We walked the half hour walk to Casares centre, the walkway was great and the older generation seemed to be getting their daily walk in, up and down this mountain…. and it was a mountain. The cherry blossoms were coming out and the backdrop of wild flowers was truly beautiful. The town had ruins of a moorish castle and arab wall. The defences must have been good in the day as the views stretched to the Costa del Sol and with huge drops of hundreds of metres down. Its amazing what you find in a little town literally in the middle of no where. No big supermarkets, but a butchery, corner shop, bakery and a new looking bank. In the UK they are closing down all the banks, but here probably a vital part of life and paying for stuff. At the aire there is a lookout that looks over to Casares and the castle remains. The hawks fly overhead and at the castle it had information about the vast bird life that would use the heights of the town for scouting out prey. These are the places that are amazing to find, another hidden gem. Today we moved onto Malaga a 2 hour drive. We felt like we were in the US all of a sudden, multiple lanes. Signs in English and loads and loads of people. We rang an aire that we thought we might stay at for a week just to chill. It has a dog agility park down the road, Zoey being her smart collie self, going through the tunnels and up the ramps, barking the whole way. The aire is booked out till tomorrow, so we are down the road at another for the night. Looking forward to a chill week, consisting of beach walks, dog agility and reading my new books…. an going out for some local cuisine