Woken to the sound of a rooster and a brood of hens running behind the motor home. Our home for the next week at least in Rincon de la Victoria. About 500 metres from the beach front and set in the back of a residential area, this aire is great. Catherine and Fernando bake fresh bread every morning for us all to buy and run a beautiful site. Its a tight-knit group here and some people have come back every year since they opened. There is an agility dog park down the road, which George and Zoey love running round and barking their heads off in excitement every day.

Each morning I have got up and walked them around the block and then to the dog park to tire them out. The first day we stayed here we walked the 8km return trip to the town centre to use the ATM. Its like another world, every shop possible all along the main road. On our way back we walked the beach which also has a cycle path and stopped at El Deo restaurant on the beach, reviews said it had the best fish around. Sitting right near the door and the wood fire, we watched the fresh fish, squid and calamari being cooked. After ordering beer, vino and paella we watched as tables were delivered their delicious looking seafood. Sitting there eating our paella overlooking the beach was what we needed after the 8km walk of the day. The dogs sitting under the table watching people going by. Yesterday we walked to the nearby China City Bazar shop, full of everything you could possibly need. I think we will be going back several times this week for things we do and don’t need. Market day is Wednesday so I might cycle in for fresh fruit and veges even though there is a supermarket a 10 minute walk away. The weather today is cloudy and not like yesterday as nearly everyone sat outside sunning themselves. So a good day to chill read a book or in Jason’s case watch TV. George is snoring into the pillar and Zoeys crashed in her bed…….