Parked up on the beach front just below the town of Mojacar. Its our second day here, taking in the warm sunny weather. Watching the fishing boats heading to Garrucha. You know they are fishing boats because of the hundreds of birds circling them out at sea. Yesterday we headed here from Carboneras and the aire at El Rancho. We waved off our fab new friends Kim & Chris and as we got to the end of the road heard a whistle. We turned our heads to see Chris waving and indicating our roof vents were still up. We laughed and said what novices we would have looked. We travelled the coast road up this huge pass. In the lay by at the top we stopped to take photos of the spectacular views. The sheer drop down to the valleys, winding roads and ocean below. Jumping back in and not knowing my own strength I pulled the internal door handle off in my hand. A quick fix later we were on our way. Over 17km of coastline to park up,  we parked up next to 3 other British vans all in search of the sunny warm weather. We walked up to Mojacar in the afternoon a fairly decent walk uphill. A whitewashed town dating back to bronze age and 2000BC. The town and the surrounding areas have the symbol of the El Indalo a stick figure holding an arc above their heads. Woman when finishing their white-walled houses drew the symbol over their doors to keep their homes from bad spells and storms. The symbols are everywhere in the shops to the railings coming down from the town.  Last night it rained a little, but today has brightened and we walked along towards Playa del Descargador with the dogs. I’ve found the best little charity shop across the road, buying a skirt, cardigan and 4 books later. Tomorrow we heard for Garrucha, but for now I’m drinking my Radler, reading a new book overlooking the rolling ocean. One thing we have noticed in Spain is the lack of a tide, it barely goes in or out, but is fascinating to watch.